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Airport Scanners - What Do They Really Show Your Big Brother, and the Internet?

Jan 12, 1:31 PM (MT)

German media, Bild.com, provides this example of the image being taken by new "airport" scanners, but the second image set shows something more - living color, and a positive ID. 

Airport Scanner image    Airport Scanners - What they really see.

What can the 'naked' scanner really see?

*Warning: Pregnant women beware of deforming your children in airport security scanners.

Notice, even the face is easily visible, when using a free image editor called GIMP. Forget for a moment any cancer concerns and accumulated radiation exposure from naked-body-scanners, here is what your Big Brother & Sister can actually see ... your own porno-graphy.

Questions remain whether the original image from Bild.com is an actual scanner image, or simply a negative shown for the public.

However, if it is an actual airport scanner image, get ready to see some of your favorite movies stars, sports stars, etc, ... and hundreds of housewives, and their teenage daughters, completely naked. Porn is about to get another piece of the Internet, once images are leaked or hacked.

The image will include a 360 degree scan of your naked body.

Radiation exposure is considered to be minimal (unless you're a frequent flyer), however, since a butt bomber has already exploded onto the world scene, the radiation levels may be increased to reveal the inside of air travelers. Radiation exposure is expected to increase when scanners are installed at train stations, bus stations, sport events, malls, schools, etc.

How is this scanner image reversed?

  1. Download the original image from news source, Bild.com
  2. Download Gimp for Windows, the image editor, and install (it's a free gift from the Geeks of the world, to you)
  3. Open airport scanner image with Gimp
  4. From Tools, choose Rectangle Select, then click and drag to select an area on image
  5. From top menu, choose Colors > Invert
  6. File > Save As

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